Pueblos Mancomunados Route

The Pueblos Mancomunados are in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, one of the richest divesity of flora and fauna in the country, in Benito Juarez, the Nevería, Cuajimoloyas, Llano Grande, Latuvi, Lachatao, Yavesia Amatlán and home to most concentration of the Zapotec indigenous people, who preserve the traditions of community life and language.

These people share a common history of 400 years, and living high on the mountain oaxqueña therefore are known as "people of the clouds."

We recommend this route with the help of a local guide, because in the places to visit are made ecotourism activities such as trekking, horseback riding, mountain biking, rappelling and bird watching.

The route begins arriving by car or plane to the city of Oaxaca, declared Humanity's Cultural Heritage, which owes its fame to the beauty and harmony of its architecture, its rich cultural traditions and gastronomy. In the months of July and August takes place the greatest festival, "La Guelaguetza," a show of music, dance, dances and songs.

To arrive at first the towns must take Highway 190 toward Tehuantepec, the sings will point the way to Benito Juárez, a community of more at an altitude of 3,000 meters, ideal for trekking and cycling, visit "The firs "a pine forest over 300 years.

Walk 8 km of dirt to get to La Nevería, a forest where you can visit the Cascada de los Arroyos and The Badgers and promote their viewpoints, try their delicious snow characteristics of the site.

Pueblos Mancomunados Route
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Tips for this Route
  • Visit the Tianguis de los Domingos in Tlacolula.
  • We recommend this route for several days, with the help of a guide to visit the Pueblos Mancomunados.
  • Remember to bring Sleeping bag, rain gear and waterproof footwear for ecotourism activities.
  • The celebration of the Guelaguetza takes place in the last week of July.
Continue the route and 18 km reach Latuvi, gem mountain noted for the diversity of natural resources and attractions, at a place you can enjoy Lion Face of rich trout.

34 km ahead is Ixtlán de Juárez, a community that offers guided tours through forest trails and waterfalls, in this place you can taste the rainbow trout to rest and stay in hotels or camps.

Following the route, the next town to visit is Amatlán, 16 km away, a population of unique cultural landscapes with ancient treasures and interesting cultural relics, such as Exhacienda Five Lords and Mines.

1 km ahead to arrive to Lachatao a breathtaking view over the mountain range, visit their temple dating from the sixteenth century.

Forward, 10 km you will come to Yavesía, with an ancient temple of the sixteenth century, the Exhacienda Mining and Stone Window, rappelling and know Giu Yubago Archaeological Zone, considered a sacred place.

The next town to visit is Llano Grande, located 18 km, town of the nineteenth century with large wooded areas, is one of the cleanest in the country communities, in this place called the Mirador Las Torres, with 3.300 meters high.
Cuajimoloyas is the last village located 9 km, with beautiful landscapes, scenery and natural sites, ideal for hiking or biking.

23 km ahead is Tlacolula, where every weekend gather communities of several villages to sell their products.

Back visit the archaeological site of Mitla and Monte Albán, the ancient Zapotec capital.