Tourist Attractions in Tehuacán
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Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception EstrellaEstrellaEstrella
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
This 18th-century baroque building.
  • Is located in the main square.
Peñafiel and Garci-Crespo Natural Springs EstrellaEstrellaEstrella
Peñafiel and Garci-Crespo Natural Springs
These underground galleries take you to the source of the famous Tehuacan mineral water.
  • Located 5 minutes from Downtown.
The Cactus Botanical Garden EstrellaEstrellaEstrella
The Cactus Botanical Garden
This botanical garden is located inside the Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Biosphere Reserve and houses 200 types of cacti, most of them endangered species.
  • Located 30 minutes southwest of Tehuacan.
Ex-Convent of San Francisco EstrellaEstrella
Ex-Convent of San Francisco
This 16th-centrury monastic complex once housed the most renowned school of Latinity in the New Spain.
  • Agustin A. Cacho s/n
  • Two blocks of the Cathedral
The Museum of Mineralogy Estrella
The Museum of Mineralogy
This museum houses one of the most important collections of moonstones, fossils, meteorites, and minerals in Mexico.(+52-238) 382-9874|web page
  • Adults $20  |  Children $10
  • Open daily, from 10 to 18 hrs. Closed Monday
  • Av. Reforma Nte. No. 210
The Municipal Palace EstrellaEstrella
The Municipal Palace
This Moorish-Pueblan style building houses the mural by Fernando Ramirez Osorio that depicts the history of Tehuacan.
  • Rayon and 1st. Ote., in Downtown
La Mesa Archaeological Site Estrella
La Mesa Archaeological Site
This important ceremonial center was built by Toltec groups and features the Mural of the Chimalli.
  • Located 10 minutes from Downtown.