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Historic Downtown EstrellaEstrellaEstrella
Historic Downtown
You can admire the Cathedral, where every Saturday there is a sound and light show with fireworks; the Government Palace, Clavijero Cultural Center, Regional Museum, House of Morelos, and the Del Carmen Ex-Convent.
  • Saturdays, from 21 hrs. (performed the show)
The Museum of Sweets EstrellaEstrella
The Museum of Sweets
Tasting and sale of over 300 varieties of typical sweets of the region. (+52-443) 312-0477
  • Adults $20  |  Children $15
  • Open daily, from 10 to 20 hrs.
  • Av. Madero Oriente No. 440
  • Opposite the Palacio Federal (City Hall)
The Aqueduct EstrellaEstrella
The Aqueduct
A former source of employment for the Indians of the region, this 253-arch, baroque-style aqueduct used to supply the city with water. You can also admire the Tarascas Fountain nearby.
  • Cross Francisco I. Madero Esat with Road to Morelia - Toluca
Monarca Butterfly EstrellaEstrellaEstrella
Monarca Butterfly
November to March Enjoy a beautiful spectacle as the arrival of the Monarca Butterfly. Different local operators can take to live this great experience.
  • In Angangueo, 140 km (87.5 miles) of Morelia.
The Cuauhtemoc Forest Estrella
The Cuauhtemoc Forest
Located to the south of the Aqueduct, this traditional recreation center houses the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • Av. Acueducto s/n, frente al Acueducto
Crafts House EstrellaEstrella
Crafts House
Museum area houses, temporary exhibitions showing the work of artisans, shop and gallery offers some workshops to the public.(+52-443) 312-0848|web page
  • adults free Admission
  • Open through Monday to Friday, from 8 to 20 hrs, Saturday and Sunday 9 to 21 hrs.
  • Fray Juan de San Miguel No. 129
  • Next to the Exconvent of San Buenaventura, best known as San Francisco
Michoacan Regional Museum Estrella
Michoacan Regional Museum
Exhibits a collection of pre-Hispanic works, colonial and modern Tarascan people. It houses one of the best colonial art works: The transfer of the Nuns.(+52-443) 312-0407|web page
  • $42 admission general (Under 13 years Free)
  • Open through Tue to Sat, from 9 to 19 hrs, Sun 9 to 14 hrs. Closed Monday.
  • Ignacio Allende No. 305
  • A side of Plaza de Armas (main square)
Romance Alley Estrella
Romance Alley
Picturesque street framed by beautiful fountains, planters, stone floors and 19 colonial houses cataloged within the historical monuments of the city.
  • Between the street Luis Moya and Madero Avenue
  • Short steps from Aqueduct and the Tarascas Fountain
Patzcuaro and Quiroga EstrellaEstrellaEstrella
Patzcuaro and Quiroga
Noted for its colonial architecture, plazas observe their religious monuments of Baroque and neoclassical. Famous for his creations in wood, clay and leather.
  • Located within 1 hr drive from Morelia.
Janitzio Island and Tzitzuntzan Estrella
Janitzio Island and Tzitzuntzan
The island is the largest in the Lake Patzcuaro, you'll see the Statue of Jose Maria Morelos and his murals. Tzitzuntzan is famous for its handicrafts made ​​from wheat straw and the Yacatas.
  • Tzintzuntzan located 1 hr from Morelia. The island is surrounded by Lake and can be reached by boat.
Culinary Workshop Zirita EstrellaEstrellaEstrella
Culinary Workshop Zirita
It taught cooks communities, using utensils with 450 years of permanence. They offer culinary tours around the region and culinary weekends with prior reservation.(+52-443) 324-4411|web page
  • Adults $1500
  • Circuito de los Manzanos No. 250, San Jose del Cerrito
Cuitzeo EstrellaEstrella
Magic Town famous for its textile and food. Visit the Agustino Ex Convent Museum and the Cuitzeo Lake
  • Located 30 km (19 miles) south of Morelia
  • Opposite the Cuizeo Lake
Other Options Estrella
Other Options
The Zoo, the Orchid Gardens, the Planetarium, and the Street Car.